The Wrap ‘n’ Roller saddle bag is the most efficient way to carry the bare essentials on your bike.

We are very pleased to announce that Wrap n Rollers are production ready and available in three camo options to launch, Digital Urban Camo, British Camo and Desert Camo. The RRP is £24.99 including Free Worldwide Shipping and payable via PayPal.

They’re ultra light weight bicycle saddle bags that are designed to allow you to carry the bare essentials on those shorter rides or commutes where you don’t necessarily want to take a hydration pack or large bag with you.
You can carry a spare inner tube, a couple of Co2 cartridges and inflator or a small pump, a tool, some cash and tyre levers, all packed away safe and securely fastened to the rails on your bikes’ saddle. 

Pare down to the bare essentials for those quick rides where speed is the priority!


A new slide buckle for ease, simplicity and security
An extra secure backup strap to wrap around your seat post to avoid any accidents
A Velcro fastening on the inside to secure a small hand pump
4 pockets with enough space to fit up to a full sized 29″ inner tube, patches, tools and whatever you might like to pack!