Hautin’s long list of customers include:

AETBespoke Manufacture of the Alteau Floor BarriersTranslucent flame retardent PVC nylon tarpaulins, welders screens, elephant shelters
British Nuclear Fuels Ltd.Flame retardent sheeting
BTP Tioxide Ltd.Assorted items to specifcation
Cleveland Fire Brigade & Engineering Co. Ltd.Weather protection covering for oil rig modules, welders shelters, welders screens, etc.
Cape Scaffolding Ltd.Translucent flame retardent sheets to specification
Caxios Ltd.Flame retardent tarpaulins, elephant shelters, welding screens
Crown AgentsPVC nylon tarpaulins, cotton duck tarpaulins
Davy Offshore PLCTranslucent flame retardent weather protection sheeting
De-Groot OffshoreTranslucent flame retardent tarpaulins
Masterhire Ltd.Elephant shelter frames and covers
Oceanwide Submersibles Services Ltd.Submarine weather protection covers
Press Contruction Ltd.Shelter covers, welders screens
Press (Great Yarmouth) Ltd. ICI (Agricultural Division) BillinghamCotton duck flame retardent tarpaulins for use on rigs
ICI (Petro-Chem Division) MiddlesbroughPVC tarpaulins, chutes, socks, etc. to specification
Kier LimitedConcrete curing blankets, welders screens, flame retardent sheets
Ministry of DefenceApproved to ISO9002: flame retardant tarpaulins, flame retardant side curtains for vehicles, welded shelter floors, vehicle covers, tent bags, floor covers, laundry bags, stretcher covers, kit bags
Redpath Engineering OffshoreFlame retardant tarpaulins, elephant shelters
Rentarc Ltd.Elephant shelters, welding screens, flame retardant tarpaulins
Security Express Ltd.Bullion bags
Shell UK Exploration & ProductionFlame retardant tarpaulins
Sterling Scaffoldnig Ltd.Flame retardant PVC scaffolding sheets
THC Ltd.Translucent flame retardant PVC sheeting
Trafalgar House Group of CompaniesFlame retardant sheeting, etc.

Suppliers to Local Government Departments
Approved Suppliers to Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
H.M. Prisons